Every year 1.5 million people suffer from burn injuries. 7,000 of these people die. Burns are categorized into three major classifications: First Degree Burns - The least severe of the three. Causes ranging from sun burn to short contact with something hot. This type of burn only effects the first layer of skin and causes redness and slight pain. Second Degree Burn - Causes range from contact with something hot to exposure to an open flame. This type of burn effects the second layer of skin and causes blistering in the burn area. Third Degree Burn- The most severe of the three. Mainly caused by prolonged exposure to very hot surfaces or open flame. This type of burn effects the tissue underneath the skin and causes the area to turn black and crack open. If you have been burned as a result of a car accident or defective product call a personal injury lawyer. If you were involved in a Pittsburgh PA accident or Allegheny County accident, it is important to protect your legal rights.  Review the "10 Rules to follow if you are in an accident" instructions provided.  Then call a Pittsburgh PA accident and injury lawyer and Pittsburgh PA burn injury attorney who's firm handles Allegheny County accident cases with burn injuries.

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